Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fitness Queen Kelly Ryan: Is she still in Jail, or out?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Bodybuilder Roland Cziurlock is mad as hell honey " That 20 Grand belongs to me!"

Roland Cziurlok is not taking this sitting down. Roland feels that he was wronged 20,000 times over. Roland hasn't been on the stage in 10 years and he is in top condition and feels he deserves that  $20,000.00.

A majority of people places blame on the  IFBB Hall of Famer Shawn Ray and calling him a liar.  The word is Shawn ray was confronted with the question from Roland Cziurlok ( Why didn't I win type question) by email and Roland was not satisfied with the answer. Roland fowarded the email to Vince Taylor and Vince replied that he was not a part of anything, He did not vote at all and  he wasn't hardly there for both shows. Vince was outside by the front door at the Filmore talking about his new Anti Aging product with his fans. Vince had the table set up and everything and he wasnt there for those shows that much.  Boy Boy oh Boy! How is this going end? The word liar, cheat and so much has been thrown out there like a fastball. But hey! don't hate the press, you shouldn't have told us.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Mighty Hamans performed "The Strongman " at the Return of the Legends Show in Miami Beach

I loved Andy Haman's Strong man performance with his teenaged son.  It was entertaining and nicely done and I have always admired the Haman family for several reasons.

1) It’s a family business and everyone gets involved

2) They support each other to the fullest

3) They are happy to be around each other 24/7

I will tell you why I said this, after the show I got on the Charter bus to go back to the Eden Roc Hotel to change into my evening gown for the Lifetime Achievement Award dinner back at the hotel for Larry Scott our first Mr. Olympia.

On the Charter bus, I sat in the front behind the driver on the opposite side (Right Side). Bill Dobbins came in and a couple of bodybuilders were all shuffling to the back and a couple of IFBB blue jacket men came in and made jokes about sitting in the back of the bus and  making comments about “what is this world coming too where we have to go to the back of the bus”.  We are all laughing and it was getting crowded and everyone was anxious to get to the hotel. The last set of people came on and it was the awesome Haman family.  Andy Haman had on his strong man costume, His son was standing up and his wife sat right next to me.  I was so amazed at the way they were with each other.  While some people were complaining about the seating and the bus driver not moving, The Haman’s were not bothered by the anything at all. The Haman’s were talking about how much they love the show and how great Jarka Lorie was for putting on the show and they talked about stuff they had to do.  I must say that in all honesty they are an awesome family.  Andy Haman was practically on the floor on the bus and the son was standing up not complaining once about the seating and the over crowding of the bus. They were so into each other it didn’t matter how uncomfortable the situation was, as long as they were together.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Andreas Cahling took the stage at the Filmore and proved the doubters wrong!

I was very moved by watching Andreas Cahling routine last night at the legends show in Miami. I never had a doubt that he would do well, but if I did it changed. His body looks like a peice of art for a man his age. Andreas is over the age of 59 and I was very impressed with him coming to Miami and being a part of the show to let people know it is possible to look and feel amazing at any age. At the cocktail party, Andreas demonstrated  he has no body fat on him and showed the world he's here and he did just that.

Lou Ferrigno presented the Lifetime Achievment Award to Larry Scott with Jarka Lorie Schneider

It was the greatest moment in Bodybuilding when the First Mr. Olympia larry Scott recieved the Lifetime Achievement award at the Filmore in Miami Beach. Lou Ferrigno gave a genuine heart felt speech about thanking Larry Scott for starting it all and Arnold Schwartznegger for being a major influence in his life. He also said there are all winners tonight, doesn't matter if your second or third you are all winners. Jarka Lorie came on stage with Lou and handed the award to Larry Scott. It was a great night


I was standing right next to Lou Ferrigno for 5 minutes and I was shaking like a leaf. I remember my old Lunch box I had with the Incredible Hulk on it and I just stood there drinking my coca cola with a tiny straw sipping like I was drinking rum and coke ( keep dreaming). I saw Samir Bennout and let me say nothing has changed except for the Magnum P.I. mustache he used to sport back in the day. Mr. O Samir " Light of Lebanon still look as hot as ever!" I saw IFBB pro Shawn Ray and ofcourse I punked out shaking his hand and saying hello to the famous Sugar Ray. I talked with the Black Prince himself Robby Robinson and Mr. International Andreas Cahling. The best thing that happened to me in the evening was when I stepped on Aaron Singerman's toe and I didn't even tell that poor man I was sorry, I just babbled on telling him I loved his show on RX Muscle and I listen to it all the time. Aaron just looked at me and laughed. Ed Nunn was there and he was pretty much to himself, not talking much from what I saw. It was pretty dark in there and I really couldn't see much but i had a great time. Jarka Lorie Schneider did her thing with everthing this whole weekend. That show and everything else was amazing.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Bodybuilder and Celebrity Fitness Trainer Aaron Williamson on MTR 101

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Bodybuilder Aaron Williamson

by Claudias Muscle Talk

Airdate: Fri, Dec 2, 2011
Celebrity Fitness trainer and Bodybuilder aaron Williamson will be on Muscle Talk 101 radio to talk about what he has been doing since we last spoke. He is the most sort out Fitness Trainer in Hollywood with the likes of Sylvester Stallone and Zack Effron to name a few. Aaron is getting back on stage for 2012 for his competition.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


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