Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why is Sports Model John Quinlan's Image so popular

Professional Sports Model John Quinlan is once again a victim of Identity theft on a social network. Last year John Quinlan image was used on Facebook October 30th, 2011 when a person named Robert Willis used his image to make connections with other men on Facebook. Now it’s happening all over again but now it’s on Twitter with an individual named Erik Von Gerber who belongs to a Swedish Nationalist Fringe Movement. While using Quinlan’s image, Erik Von Gerber was tweeting his support for excessive violence with police dogs on protesters at a demonstration in Sweden. A man named Bjorn Nilsson of Norrkoping, Sweden discovered this man using twitter with John Quinlan’s image to support violence on human lives. Nilsson contacted Gerber and had him remove Quinlan’s image due a violation called “Sock puppeting”. Sick puppeting means when a person or person’s use another person image as their own.
John Quinlan is relieved that this man Erik Von Gerber was caught in time before more damage could be done. Let’s hope this is the end to Sock Puppeting saga

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