Sunday, March 11, 2012

Big Rig Sponsored Athlete Sports Model Jermaine Reid goes to Iron Coalition Show

Sponsored Athlete Sports Model Jermaine Reid was at the
Iron Coalition 2 Show yesterday with the lovely Janine Williams
(Spokesperson for Big Rig Supplements)
enjoying the festivities. I was so happy to see Jermaine's face to face finally
after a year of knowing each other on Facebook.  I told Jermaine he could have gotten a table and sign autographs and he smiled and said " I just came here to have fun." Janine was walking around and having fun with her free samples that we have all gotten from our awesome vendors. Janine is such a sweetheart and fun to hang around.  Jermaine's photos on Facebook is nothing compared to the real deal.
Big Rig Spokesperson Janine Williams and Sports Model Jermaine Reid

Radio Podcaster Claudia Reid(ME) and Jermaine Reid
Not relations, but I wish

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